No Flour- Lemon and Toasted Coconut Cake

RAVANI – A traditional olive oil based cake for pesach-with a twist!This is a flavorsome and olive-oily gluten-free cake with a hint of lemon or lime, and toasted coconut, coupled with the grittiness of the polenta and tender rubble of ground almonds which provide a wholly desirable dampness and grit compared to the usual flour.The […]

Spiced Superfood Tea

Spiced Superfood Tea

With a small alteration you can drink it hot or cold. It uses fresh and raw Superfood, herbs and roots. It’s definitely a crowd pleaser and gets high points for flavor and nutritional value! Recipe Ingredients: 1.5 liter of hot water 3 inch fresh ginger {chopped coarsely1 inch fresh turmeric {chopped coarsely}Half bunch fresh herbs […]

Greek Vegan – Honey Cookies “Melomakarona”

Greek Honey Cookies - Melomacarona

These cookies are traditional holiday cookies. They are very sweet and syrupy. I have lessend the amount of sugar content significantly from the original recipe. And most of the sugar now comes from the syrup and not from the cookie dough. I would not omit any more sugar from the recipe, I cannot guarantee the […]

Vegan Cacao Frosty Shot

Raia's Cacao Shot Recipe

One of my daily-favorite go-to summer drinks is my Frosty-Cacao Shot.  I enjoy it daily around 3-4pm when I am looking for a mid day boost that will keep me alert and energized for the rest of the day.This drink is THE prefect replacement for coffee, and is treasured for its deliciously energizing effects. This […]

Hearty Purple Smoothie

This is one of our clients favorite Smoothies because of its not only delicios, but super nutritious and a meal in itself.Packed with Superfood goodness that comes with plenty of protein, Vitamin C, amino acids and  antioxidants– making it an ideal after morning workout smoothie. Full of minerals and chlorophyll, this is my go to […]