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Life with Raia




My story

Having learned directly from Indigenous women and tribes, from her homeland of Greece, and Central and South America, Raia shares her knowledge of superfoods, healing plants and ancestral traditions by facilitating workshops and courses, as well as by creating living earth art. She facilitates collective rituals and ceremonial gatherings for women.

Raia holds a bachelors in Communication Design and Art History, and Master courses in Anthropology and Museum Studies. Her path has included Ceremonialist, Creative Director, Food and Skin Care Formulator, Business Owner of Terra Teva SuperFood Raw Beauty, and most significantly: Mother.

When we align with the wisdom
of our cycles
we are awakened
to our potential

When we align with the cycles that move us, and together, with the wisdom of the plants, we will be awakened to our potential.

courses offered

Join me and others in these in depth courses of raw beauty practices, cacao, and creating community with the medicines of the earth.


A workshop of healing Remedies & Superfood preparations

Learn to prepare your own unique natural blends and create skincare, salves, oils, powders, tinctures, elixirs and and other meaningful formulas for your specific needs.


Be enchanted by Cacao formulations, cooking, cauldrons and the Dreamtime.

A hands-on course study of practical formulating techniques, remedies and recipes with Cacao, including ceremonial practices with the healing arts and Elements of Life. This course is for everyone that is enchanted by the wisdom of the herbs, creative cooking, community, Cacao cauldrons and the Dreamtime.

Sunset Ceremony

The Maestra Cacao Ceremony is a unique ritual which takes us on a journey with the Healing Arts and the Elements of Life. The Alchemy of Cacao and the ritual with the flowers and herbs will takes us into the Dreamtime. 

This ceremonial prayer is an intentional journeying into our lineages, and through the realms of plant wisdom, musical participation, rhythm and movement, and within a collective circle. 

Make Your Own Medicine. 

Become Your own Healer.

Maestra cacao CEREMONY

Thursday 11.6.24 - 17:00-23:00

Pardes Hana


Here is a peak of what is coming up

Ancestral Cacao Ceremonial Drink

Maestra Cacao Ceremony

Pardes Hana - 11.7.24


A sunset ceremony for women seeking connection through Cacao and the healing arts and practices of the earth medicines.

Ix Cacao's Medicine

Maestra Cacao Creative - 4 Course

Pardes Hana - Start date to be announced.


A four meetings course designed to teach self empowering tools while deepening and developing our relationship with Cacao in a ritualistic and alchemical manner.

How to prepare Goji Berry Oil

Raw Beauty and Superfood Alchemy with Raia

Pardes Hana - October 24


A 4 meeting course, and Raw Beauty Journey into formulations, herbal creations and aromatherapy with the waters and natural ingredients of the Earth.

The Maestra Cacao Experience

Deepen your relationship with cacao and other plant medicines

Cacao traditions

Cacao and the traditional art of ceremony has been around for thousands of years, originating way back to Mayan and Aztec traditions in Central and South America. Throughout history there has always been an infatuation and love for Cacao either when served as a drink, or in a spiritual practice for ceremonial purposes with intent to awaken, and and to ask for creative guidance and healing.

Raw Beauty Blog

When we align with the wisdom of our cycles, we are awakened to our potential

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Terra Teva.
Superfood Skin Care

Terra Teva is a project that was created in 2012 from the desire to create an effective and alternative path to self care with on-trend Superfoods that offer real results.

It is a revolutionary cosmeceutical skin care and herbal remedies product line that is handcrafted with plant synergies, Superfoods and pure vegan ingredients for optimum results. It is my genie in a bottle.

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Get the moisture glow with
yellow skin foods.


A facial scrub-mask for a clean and brighter appearance.


A super greens face smoothie made to replenish and repair

Goji Berry Oil

A fruity daily serum for a vibrant
looking skin

A fruity daily serum for a vibrant looking skin

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Terra Teva Raw Beauty. A genie in a bottle.
The creation of a revolutionary Superfood product line

Terra Teva Raw Beauty.

A genie in a bottle. The creation of a revolutionary Superfood product line

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