My Story

Raia’s Beautywalk

Raia brings over two decades of practice in the healing arts and wise women traditions

My Story

I actively share my knowledge of tribal living having directly learned from Indigenous women in my homeland of Greece and throughout my travels in Asia and Central and South America. I facilitate the alchemy and artistry of working with healing plants, herbalism, Superfoods, and practice and ritual rooted in ancestral traditions. Additionally, I lead a variety of seasonal workshops and courses, collective rituals, retreats, and trips while creating altars of healing and transformation with the Elements of Life and the Melodies of the Dreamtime.

I earned a bachelor’s in Communication Arts and Art History, and completed Master courses in Anthropology and Museum Studies. Throughout my journey, I have embraced roles as a Ceremonialist, Creative Director, MASTER CHEF, Skin Care Formulator, Business Owner of Terra Teva SuperFood Raw Beauty, and, most significantly, as a Mother.

I have fond memories of my childhood growing in a suburb of Athens, Greece, with a view of the sea. My house was full of people of all ages…we were three generations living under one roof.

I vividly remember my great grandmother and shared my life with my grandmother until my mid 40s. Growing up in a two-family home with my grandparents and their siblings gave me rstrong oots, and an understanding of the importance of our family tree. I always felt like the branch that could reach the sky and into the worlds beyond.

Strong family values and nurtured history shaped my upbringing, with family members teaching me by example, through books and travel, and by storytelling that bespoke of the worlds beyond my quaint street.

I attended an American school in Greece, balancing life between two worlds – one reserved for the elite and the other for the commoner. My life was enriched with opposing lives and experiences  that will later act as a strong basis in my life as I moved through worlds, careers, people and projects.

From early childhood, I held a fascination for my ancestral roots. I was taught to respect elders early on, and the importance of family, deceased and living, played an integral role in shaping my understanding of my role in society.

At eighteen, I left my homeland of Greece to study and work in the US for fifteen years. I succeeded as an Art Director, refining my creative and communicative skills for a global audience. Recognizing that I wasn’t suited for a traditional work and living path, I embarked on a decade-long journey, traveling extensively, attracting cultures and experiences into my life that aligned with my newfound spiritual path and thirst for living. Early in my travels, I met my husband, and we continued our journey together before settling down in one place.

Throughout my travels in Asia and Central and South America, I actively sought relations with the secrets of the Earth, plant medicines, community, and tribal living. 

I directly learned from Indigenous men and women, leading me to my current work of bridging worlds together for a collective experience rooted in traditions of the past. This work is presented through food, herbalism, earth altars, ritual, and wise women herbal medicine.

My ancestors and guides, thank you
for showing me the way upwards.

My ancestors, and guides, thank you
for showing me the way upwards.

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