The Alchemy of Cacao

Cacao Creative Course Study

Designed to teach self empowering tools while deepening and developing our relationship with Cacao formulations and usage in a ritualistic and practical manner

4 Meetings • 32 hours

The Alchemy of Cacao

Cacao Creative Course Study

Designed to share healing Earth Art practices and techniques, while deepening and developing our relationship with Cacao- in a ritualistic and practical manner.

4 Meetings • 32 hours

32 HOUR Course Study of Cacao theory and techniques that explore the alchemy, formulation and usage of Cacao in the practical and spiritual realm. You will learn the language and spirit of Cacao in food, skin care, herbalism and in ritual. 

We will explore Cacao and other herbs, flowers and natural medicine formulations and conclude with the art of Altars in a guided ritual that connects us to the intelligent ways of generational healing and the Remembrance of our Ancestry..

Cacao Creative Course Study Includes:

  • Revealing the secrets and practical methods of Cacao Formulations
  • Recipes and Alchemy of Remedies/ Potions/Elixirs/Salves/ Tinctures/Extracts
  • Cacao and creating community for the collective
  • Indigenous practices of Cacao from the Mayan tradition of Central & South America
  • Working with the Elements of Life: Water/Fire/Earth/Air
  • Raising a Ceremonial Space
  • Ancestry through Altar Work
  • Musical journey, song and movement
  • Cacao Ceremony with the Medicine of Remembrance

Make Your own Medicine. Become Your own Healer

Day 1 - FIRE


On the first day, we will work with the Alchemy of Fire and Cacao, combined with other herbs, flowers, resins and roots to create formulas, for daily life, and use. The basic and most valuable methods, tools and practices of herbal apothecary that have been practiced by our ancestors and until today- will be introduced.

  • Opening Circle and introduction to the magical realm of Cacao on the beauty way.
  • Fire and Alchemy preparations of Cacao from Bean to Paste to Medicine
  • The Medicinal value of Cacao in our life learned through practical recipes, healing remedies and ancient home apothecary teachings
  • Infusions, extractions, powders and salves and how to DIY
  • Ointments for Skin, Body and Face Care

Day 2 - Water


On the second meeting, we will work with the Alchemy of Water and the force and function it holds in our life. We will create recipes and formulas and learn about rituals that can empower us in daily life.

  • Healing with the Water
  • Cacao as a daily supplement and power booster 
  • Cacao extracts and tonics, as made by our ancestors
  • Cacao and its role in our family
  • Cacao as a healing Remedy
  • Herbal Purification Ritual for Women – Special Guest

Day 3 - Earth


On day 3 we will connect with the alchemy of the earth, and to the Art and purpose that an altar carries. We will learn to build our altar from natural materials, soil, and mud while touching on the fundamentals of this work. We will introduce various sacraments and rituals that will support us on a personal and professional level.

  • Altar Activation and Mud work
  • Working with the Sacred Sacraments
  • Working with the Elemental Alignments
  • Opening the Gate for the upcoming Maestra Cacao Ceremony

Day 4 - Air


Empowerment and Remembrance

This is our final day  together and an opportunity to point our work into one ceremonial arrow of collective action. It involves group participation, Cacao cooking and connections,  sisterhood secrets, and ritualistic preparations that conclude with the Maestra Cacao Ceremony – A ritual with the Medicine of Remembrance . Our journey will takes us into the dreamtime  –with the support of Cacao, the fire and with the sacraments of the earth, its songs and each one’s expression of life and where they come from.

  • Ceremonial preparations
  • Medicinal Cacao preparation
  • Ceremonial practices and set up
  • Ancestral Ceremony
  • Purification Ritual
  • Closing ritual for Cacao Creative course students

The Maestra Cacao Experience

Next Maestra Cacao Course

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