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Ancestral Cacao Ceremonial Drink

Maestra Cacao Ceremony

Pardes Hana - 11.7.24


A sunset ceremony for women seeking connection through Cacao and the healing arts and practices of the earth medicines.

Ix Cacao's Medicine

Maestra Cacao Creative - 4 Course

Pardes Hana - Start date to be announced.


A four meetings course designed to teach self empowering tools while deepening and developing our relationship with Cacao in a ritualistic and alchemical manner.

How to prepare Goji Berry Oil

Raw Beauty and Superfood Alchemy with Raia

Pardes Hana - October 24


A 4 meeting course, and Raw Beauty Journey into formulations, herbal creations and aromatherapy with the waters and natural ingredients of the Earth.

My ancestors, my allies, medicines and guides, thank you for joining me in all walks of life.

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