Spiced Superfood Tea

Spiced Superfood Tea

With a small alteration you can drink it hot or cold. It uses fresh and raw Superfood, herbs and roots. It’s definitely a crowd pleaser and gets high points for flavor and nutritional value!



1.5 liter of hot water

3 inch fresh ginger {chopped coarsely
1 inch fresh turmeric {chopped coarsely}
Half bunch fresh herbs such as mint or lemon verbena or any Tea of your choice
1/2 teaspoon dry oregano or thyme
2 Tablespoon Coconut Sugar or Maple Syrup
8 Dried Hibiscus flowers
Handful Goji Berries
1 Tbs Acai Powder
1 Tsp Butterfly Pea Powder (optional)
4 dried rose buds
2 lemons quartered with peel
Maple to taste


Add fruits for taste and decor when serving.
Diced apples, blueberries or orange and tangerine slices are a great addition!

  1. In a Mortar and Pestle add all the ingredients except for the water and maple syrup.
  2. Smash it up until all flavors and essential oils are released.
  3. You can add more coconut sugar to help with the smashing if needed.
  4. Place everything in a serving jar and add hot water just until covered.
  5. Let it steep for at least an hour.
  6. Add more sweetener such the maple syrup according to taste.
  7. Top with cold water and ice. Add your whole and diced fruits.

You can add a squeeze of a lemon before serving too!

I prefer not to strain my ingredients but to serve it as is. People love to snack on all the delicious pieces left behind in their glass.

You can always add a sprig of mint or squeeze and wedge of lemon to each glass for some freshness too.

*I used greek mountain tea and another herb called Diktamo which is native to Crete. You can use what you have, feel free to play around with herbs and Superfoods of your choice. Alchemy that is suited for your taste buds –and is healthy too –always makes for a delicious outcome.

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